One minor subplot in the saga of former teen movie star Amanda Bynes' brief return to public life was the bizarre case of a little-known Twitter account, @PersianLA27, that some theorized was being secretly used by Bynes to defend herself. Last night the account was hacked, and the perpetrators leaked direct messages say prove it was Bynes after all.

You can read the whole cache of leaked DMs over at Oh No They Didn't, but here is a representative sample.

What's important to note here, as far as proving or disproving the conspiracy theory goes, is the dates: The above exchanges took place in March and June, long before the Bynes-@PersianLA27 connection bubbled up into the general internet.

But that's circumstantial. Otherwise, the existence of these DMs doesn't prove much, and it's easy to poke holes in this "evidence." For instance, the most well-known people to have DM'd Bynes "secret account" were two ex-cast members of All That? There's also the issue of @PersianLA27 being active at the same time that Bynes was using her official twitter account last week. It seems unlikely to me that Bynes would've been capable of running two separate Twitter accounts with all that was going on with her in New York.

But the DMs, assuming they are real, do prove a few things: One, if @PersianLA27 isn't Bynes, it's someone who decided to catfish ex-members of All That and a few of Bynes' old friends. Two, somehow word got out in Los Angeles that @PersianLA27 was Bynes long before the rest of us ever caught on to the theory.