Fresh off her latest DUI charge and apparent relapse into... something, Amanda Bynes spent an ill-advised day with an InTouch Weekly reporter this week. The resulting interview ranges from sad to alarming: Bynes told InTouch there's a microchip in her brain, and said "I want a dollar a day from every person who [is] reading my mind."

During the interview, Bynes was "seemingly imbalanced":

Amanda talked to herself. She rambled about her desperate need for more plastic surgery. She took off her top to show off her nipple ring. ... Sweet and kind, the beautiful star veered wildly from lucid to seemingly imbalanced throughout the day...

She bought diamond earrings without a glance at the price tag, claimed she got straight A's in psychology and wanted "to do that," then in the next breath said she'd thought of becoming a plastic surgeon.

In addition to the microchip thing, Bynes told InTouch she has prescriptions for Adderall and medical marijuana, which she was allegedly using when she got arrested for DUI. She also harped on getting a nose job: "I look so hideous. Everyone can use a little plastic surgery."

Saddest of all, she claims her parents' conservatorship that recently ended didn't work out. "I was miserable living with them," she said. "I would have rather been in jail."

Bynes did not provide any more details about her engagement to a bait shop employee in Costa Mesa, California.

[Photo via Splash News]