"I believe there are angels among us / sent down to us from somewhere up above." Lyrics from a song by the band Alabama, later re-recored by Demi Lovato, yes, but also a set of facts proven last night on Twitter by none other than Heidi Montag.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Amanda Bynes' parents were handing their conservatorship over Bynes to, likely, a mental health professional. The announcement came after a series of tweets from the troubled young woman alleging that her parents left her without money to rent an apartment.

Heidi, her ear pressed to Heaven's clouds, heard Amanda's cry for help and extended an angel's wing (in an @ reply on Twitter) (God doesn't let angels DM, he believes in transparency):

All better! :fistbump: :100percent:

TMZ also reported today that Amanda Bynes might tend bar to make some extra cash. Hmm. Heidi?

[Photo via Splash News]