After last night’s leak of a bizarre, sexual, and possibly non-consensual frat spectacle incident at the Indiana University chapter of Alpha Tau Omega (and a university suspension), the fraternity’s national organization has shut them down completely.

The following memo was provided to Gawker after reportedly circulating on Snapchat, and a call to the national office confirmed its authenticity:

Although the video certainly appears to depict a hazing-oriented ritual aimed at non-members, the memo from ATO national claims that “no pledge was compelled to participate” in the “sex act,” and that the man in question with his head between a stripper’s legs was an “initiated member, not a pledge.” It’s unclear why he was in a state of undress, and seems reluctant to join in throughout the video—at one point he clearly attempts to “tap out.”

Update: University officials have issued a statement commenting on the chapter’s revoked charter:

Indiana University has just been informed by the national leadership of Alpha Tau Omega that it has revoked the charter of the local chapter on the IU Bloomington campus and ordered the chapter to cease all activities and disband immediately.

The university applauds the national chapter’s swift and strong action and is in full agreement with this decision. The office of the Dean of Students and IU Police Department are prepared to work closely with the national ATO organization to facilitate this action.

Indiana University’s Office of Student Ethics will continue to investigate this issue as it relates to potential violations of the university code of student conduct.

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