I don't know this for sure, but I'd guess that almonds are one of the most popular nuts in America. And why not? They are good. In fact, I'd say almonds are the fourth-best nut you'll find anywhere.

In nature almonds have a shell, but when you buy them in the store they're usually already taken out of the shell, which saves a lot of time. Try this little scientific experiment: take a whole handful of almonds and pop them in your mouth. Taste that? It's flavor. That's why folks enjoy almonds. I do too.

There are a lot of uses for almonds. Put them in cereal, in granola bars, in desserts, or just eat them all by themselves. They taste nice in any setting. I'd wager that if you reach into a jar of "fancy" mixed nuts with your eyes closed and pull out an almond, you won't be disappointed. Having almonds in a little bowl on your table is a great way to "get the party started" when guests come over. Classy as well as moderately economical, almonds are truly a nut lover's friend.

Almond, almond, there, not rare

Free of shells and free of care

When I crunch I do declare

"Tasty puff of almond air!"

Almond, almond, on the throne

Almond meat resembles bone

Considering how gross is bone

I'd rather buy the air alone

Almond, almond, taste delight

Tremble before almond's might

Forth, for flavor's natural right

Fourth-best nut I taste tonight.

(Is almonds)

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[Photo: Flickr]