According to reports, the woman crashed through a Herald Square Forever 21 Wednesday, hitting five pedestrians, was a suspended attorney with a suspended drivers' license.

Stella Mednik, 34, was apparently severely intoxicated when she lost control of her car and cops say they also found a crack pipe on her person. The five people she hit were hospitalized with severe injuries, but all are expected to make full recoveries.

"Must've freaked out," a witness told CBS. "She backed up, took off went around on the other side of the street, went through the intersection, skidded out and fishtailed then fishtailed again the other way and smacked into all the cars waiting at the light … cut across — she jumped the curb and literally five bodies flying in the air."

The Post reports she claimed to specialize in DUI cases as part of her criminal law practice. She also reportedly worked in immigration and family law before she was suspended from praticing for improperly mingling personal and client funds.

Mednik reportedly broke her pelvis in the accident, which also injured her male passenger. She's been charged with, among other things, drunk driving, possession of a controlled substance, and leaving the scene of an accident.

[screengrab via CBS]