Bryce Williams, the alleged shooter from this morning’s on-air murders in Roanoke, VA, has posted videos of the shooting to his Twitter and Facebook accounts, both of which have since been suspended. The first video posted to Twitter shows Williams approaching reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward as they interview Vicki Gardner on live on WDBJ.

The second clip posted to Twitter ends with Williams opening fire as Parker screams and attempts to flee. The full video—Williams apparently had to edit it to share on Twitter—was also posted to Williams’s Facebook account. An edit of that video, which is disturbing but does not show the actual shooting, is embedded below.

[There was a video here]

Williams also posted several tweets about Ward and Parker to his Twitter account before it was suspended.

UPDATE 12:23 pm: Williams is reportedly still alive and in critical condition after shooting himself.

UPDATE 11:45 am: Williams has reportedly killed himself.

UPDATE 11:44 am: Sometime last night, Williams reportedly faxed a 23-page message to ABC News.

This post has been updated to add an edited version of the video Williams posted to his Facebook page. Originally, we embedded a video from Williams’ Twitter feed that showed the moments leading up to the shooting, and linked out to second tweet from Williams’ feed that showed the shooting itself. After Twitter suspended his account, we posted the edited footage from his Facebook page.

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