According to prosecutors, Cory Batey is one of several former Vanderbilt football players who raped an unconscious student in a dorm room last year, filming parts of their crime and urinating on the victim afterwards. According to Batey's defense, however, their client is also a victim—of "a campus culture of sexual freedom, promiscuity and excessive alcohol consumption," Reuters reports.

On Friday, defense attorney Worrick Robinson brought in an expert witness to support his claim that Batey was a promising athlete and upstanding non-rapist betrayed by "a culture that changed the rest of his life." From the Associated Press:

Neuropsychologist James Walker testified Friday that wide receiver Cory Batey told him he had 14 to 22 alcoholic drinks before the players dragged the incapacitated woman into star recruit Brandon Vandenburg's dorm room.

"Because he was this intoxicated, he was not his normal self," Walker said. "He was doing things that he would not have done normally."

Among the non-normal things Batey allegedly did that night: asking for a quesadilla from Qdoba, urinating on an unconscious rape victim.

"Is there anything in their culture that might influence the way they act or the way they think or the way they make decisions?" Robinson asked his expert on psychology.

"Yes, at that age peer pressure is critical," Walker responded, "because you're just going out on your own, you're not fully an adult, you're not fully a child ... You tend to take on the behavior of people around you."

Ultimately, says the Associated Press, Walker admitted that he had done no scholarly research on the culture of the school.