In a video released Tuesday, a California man who accused Oregon police of giving him two black eyes is shown to have beaten himself instead, The Register-Guard reports.

After getting arrested in January on charges of stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, 33-year-old Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski filed an assault complaint against detectives, claiming they had been beaten him.

Unfortunately for Tomaszewski, jail cameras told a different story. From The Oregonian:

The four-minute video shows Tomaszewski pacing as he punches both eyes. He then sits down and resumes pounding his face. The time stamp shown in the video is not adjusted for the time change, [Sheriff's Office spokesperson Carrie] Carver said.

After Tomaszewski was confronted about the recording, he told detectives that he thought the complaint would get him released, Carver said.

Tomaszewski was subsequently found guilty of initiating a false report and attempted coercion, earning him a $500 fine and 20 days in jail—plenty of time to get back at the guy who roughed him up.

[Image via Lane County Sheriff's Office//h/t Associated Press]