Sarah McLoud and Robert Owens could have at least cleared their internet histories before reportedly robbing a bank on Friday.

In fact, investigators have little doubt they nabbed the right suspects. When they went through McLoud's computer, they found that it had been recently used for web searches including "What happens if you rob a bank," "What happens if you rob a house," "What happens if you rob a drug dealer," and "If you're going to rob a bank."

But that wasn't the only mistake made by this week's candidate for Stupidest Criminal. reports that narcotics detectives recognized McLoud from surveillance video of the robbery. She was already a suspect in an ongoing investigation of a heroin ring whose home base was just around the corner from the bank.

McLoud was reported to be with a man who turned out to be Robert Owens, another suspect in the neighborly heroin ring and McLoud's suspected accomplice in planning the robbery. Police tracked down the two to the alleged heroin headquarters, where they also found McLoud's clothing from the surveillance video, the cash from the bank, "a significant quantity of heroin packaged for sale..."

And the computer.

McCloud, Owens and their getaway driver were all arrested. At least they did their research.