Technology addicts were panicked this week at news of a study finding that looking down at your cell phone is equivalent to placing a 60-pound weight on your neck. Not to worry—there is a solution, robots.

If something does not change, it won't be long before millions of Americans will be walking around with the permanently hunched necks of a severe introvert. Since none of you are going to stop staring hypnotically into your cell phones and shuffling through life in random patterns like so many purposeless atoms, another solution is in order. That would be neck bridges. You want to balance out your fucked up forward-bent neck? You need to do some neck bridges my friend—and fast.

A rear neck bridge will counteract your cell phone neck. It looks like this:

Supplement it with some front neck bridges. Like this:

You can also do these neck exercises with a weight plate. Like this:

Want to strengthen the sides of your neck also? I know it sounds crazy but you can just push against your own hand!

If you don't want your neck to be all fucked up you better do these three times a week and don't say we didn't warn you about [DISCLAIMER REGARDING NOT BREAKING YOUR OWN NECK IN THE COURSE OF THESE EXERCISES].

Neck bridges son.

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