How dumb is the WHCD? This dumb. You're looking at The Politico's White House Correspondents Dinner memo, left behind at a party last night and obtained by Gawker.

Above, the lengthy section of the memo focused on questions for visiting celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi ("What was Air Force One like?"), Kerry Washington ("Do you think the Obamas have a strong marriage?"), Conan O'Brien ("Are you nervous?"), and Scarlett Johansson ("Do you ever e-mail with President Obama anymore?").

Besides a schedule of events, the memo also contains a request for "buzzy anecdotes," and list of good SEO terms. There's a lot to be said about the White House Correspondents Dinner—and about The Politico's unique brand of journalism—but "bradley cooper whcd 2013 white house correspondents dinner full video" speaks for itself.