Vice President Joe Biden announced in a speech in the White House’s Rose Garden today that he is not running for president. This is a real bummer for the American public, which deserves, if nothing else, more election entertainment. It’s an even bigger bummer for all the pundits and political journalists who confidently reported—with sources and everything—that Biden was going to run.

Bill Kristol, the neoconservative scion with a long and well-documented history of making incorrect predictions about elections (among other things), was chief among those trumpeting wrong intel that Biden was mounting a campaign to rival Hillary Clinton’s.

But plenty of other pundits and reporters—ones generally taken more seriously than Kristol—had “sources” who told them the same. Like Fox News’ Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry:

And the Rubin Report’s Dave Rubin:

And the National Post’s Diane Francis.

Even those within Congress had sources. Rep. Brendan Boyle, of Philly, announced this confidently on Monday:

Other pundits just had a good feeling that Biden was going to run, like the Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza:

And Fox News analyst Monica Crowley.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer visited Fox News on Monday to predict that Biden would run as an “insurance policy” in case Clinton was indicted by the FBI, or something.

New York’s Gabriel Sherman dedicated his entire column Friday to the incorrect notion that Joe Biden was running. “Joe Biden is running for president—a fact that has been obvious, and true, for weeks,” he wrote.

Gay rights activist Chely Wright predicted just this morning that Biden would run, but regret it:

And CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash reported Monday that Biden was staffing up his campaign.

Even Vox’s Ezra Klein tentatively suggested Biden was in.

The Alex Jones show, naturally, reported Biden was running as some kind of Obama conspiracy.

But one source, Vice President Joe Biden, announced today that he is, actually, not running for president.

Gabriel Sherman, Ed Henry, Monica Crowley—respected professionals at the very top of their chosen field—were all on the same side as Alex Jones, and all turned out to be just as correct.

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