TV coverage of the Supreme Court is hampered by the longstanding ban on cameras inside the highest court in the land. News shows have been forced to make do with sometimes-shoddy artists' renderings of the Justices, and John Oliver's sick of it. So here's his alternative proposal: Let's just use this footage of dogs in robes instead.

Much like Deadspin used to get around the NFL's rebroadcast rules by having a gerbil and a frog reenact the week's highlights, Oliver suggests reporters take advantage of this (free to use, free to remix!) dog footage to add drama and realism to the SCOTUS proceedings.

The above oral argument is just an example, which took "an incredible amount of time and an almost immoral amount of resources to produce."

Worth it. Bulldog Scalia alone was worth every penny and dog-hour.

Here's the full 10 minutes, without voiceovers, for your remixing enjoyment:

[h/t Last Week Tonight]