ITEM: The Onion is for sale!

Bloomberg broke the news last night that America's best newspaper has hired an investment bank to explore a possible sale. Virtually every story about this development has been accompanied by some form of "This is not a joke!" joke. Ours will not be.

ITEM: XO Jane is for sale! Its parent company, Say Media, has decided to get out of the "content" business entirely and go back to its roots as a tech company, probably because its "content" business was not making it money.

ITEM: Funny or Die is also for sale. "The asking price is $100 million to $300 million."

What do all of these things have in common? Well, there is a shitload of money floating around the online media "space" right now, so it's not a bad time to try to cash in. You only get so many chances to get rich in the website business. Sooner or later investors realize it's mostly just a bunch of depressed wage slaves furiously writing garbage.

Gawker Media is still not for sale... unless, well, what were you gonna offer? Hypothetically.

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