Rafael Edward Cruz was born in Calgary on December 22, 1970. He is currently 45 years old. The following is a list of people who are older than him.

Zach Galifianakis

Gwen Stefani

Fred Durst

Mariah Carey

Will Smith, Halle Berry, and Queen Latifah

Chris Kattan

Fat Joe

Andy Cohen

Sarah Silverman

James Murphy

Tony Hawk



Adam Sandler

Spike Jonze

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

Master P

John Norris

Salma Hayek

Daniel Craig

Big homie from Smash Mouth

Tyler Perry

Tina Fey


Rivers Cuomo

K-Ci (but not JoJo)

Matt Damon

Dave Grohl

Fred Armisen

Jennifer Aniston

Melania Trump

Everybody in Wu-Tang except Method Man


[all images via Getty / inspiration via this tweet as retweeted by very good Gawker commenter Rom Romberts]