Noted Twitter personality and lowly-rated MSNBC host Alec Baldwin has had an interesting day. During his testimony against Genevieve Sabourin, his alleged stalker, Baldwin cried and was heckled, and ended the day by wishing bodily harm upon a New York Post photographer. You know, just your average Tuesday for Alec.

While describing an unwelcome run-in with Sabourin at his East Hampton home the day he proposed to his wife, Hilaria, Baldwin began to tear-up, at which point Sabourin shouted out, "Why is he crying?"

Later, Baldwin denied Sabourin's allegations that the two were lovers, which prompted another outburst.

"Wow, you're lying," Sabourin yelled. "I can't believe you're doing that!"

Ignoring the judge's orders, Sabourin continued to berate Baldwin. "He's lying, why he do that?" she screamed. When Baldwin again denied an affair, she yelled out, "You have a scar!" and pointed at her hip. After the judge threatened to hold her in contempt, Sabourin's lawyer dragged her from the courtroom as she continued to shout: "I gotta prove that I had a sexual relationship. I didn't do anything wrong. He's lying! He's lying!"

Upon leaving the courtroom, Baldwin spotted a familiar New York Post photographer and greeted him courteously: "I hope you choke to death," Baldwin told the photographer as he walked through the scrum of cameras following him.

Sabourin is charged with 23 counts of harassment and one count of stalking. In addition to following Baldwin to two of his homes, she allegedly sent him hundreds of emails and texts. Baldwin admitted meeting Sabourin and talking with her on the phone, but claimed he did so as a favor to his friend Martin Bregman, a producer who Baldwin said had an affair with Sabourin.

[Image via AP]