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Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria is a former yoga instructor who, until very recently, had a small female human growing inside of her. During her pregnancy, Hilaria Baldwin combined two of her greatest passions (being the pregnant wife of Alec Baldwin; yoga), directing and starring in what she hopes will prove a lucrative prenatal yoga video venture (a fitness DVD out this October).

Just in time for the freakin' weekend, Vanity Fair has released a bonus video from the project, which features a stone-faced Alec Baldwin wordlessly hunching over her while she smiles serenely at the camera. He presses his fingers into her hips; she presses her glossy black hair into his face, accidentally. At the end of the segment, a bashful Baldwin shakes his head and, apparently unsure if talking is allowed, mumbles this rueful commentary on existence: "It's nothing."

You can watch the Baldwin cameo in the clip above. It's Hilaria's.

It's nothing.