Alaska will soon become the second state to give away free pregnancy tests in bars. The program, organized by Healthy Brains For Children, is intended to reduce fetal alcohol syndrome in Alaska, which has the highest rate of the condition in the country.

"This isn't targeting chronic alcoholics," Jody Allen Crowe, founder of Healthy Brains For Children, told ABC News. "Right now 50 percent of pregnancies across the nation are unexpected. This is really focusing on women who are casual drinkers, people who would never drink if they knew they were pregnant."

The experiment will also study the women's reactions to posters of children with fetal alcohol syndrome. The program in Minnesota, where tests are available in youth centers, convenience stores, restaurants, and bars, is already a success, according to Crowe.

Employees of locations where the pregnancy dispensers are installed say customers are pleased to see the free tests.

"We hear positive anecdotes from people," Crowe said. "We're seeing evidence that the message, 'Think before you drink,' is working."

[Image via AP]