Unexpectedly, something funny in the Jeffrey Epstein-sex-with-minors case: after threatening to sue everyone involved for defamation, high-powered attorney Alan Dershowitz now finds himself the defendant in a defamation suit brought by the plaintiff's lawyers.

Dershowitz railed on the plaintiff's attorneys yesterday on CNN, saying he planned to have both Paul Cassell and Bradley Edwards disbarred for claiming that he and Prince Andrew had slept with underage prostitutes in recent court filings.

"How does a lawyer rely on the statement of a woman who is a serial perjurer, serial liar, serial prostitute, and bring charges against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me without even checking?" Dershowitz said Monday.

He also dared the now-30-year-old plaintiff to make a public statement so that he could sue her for defamation.

But he wasn't quick enough—Cassell and Edwards turned around Tuesday and slapped Dershowitz with a defamation suit, the New York Daily News reports. Between this and all the underlying litigation, this thing is never gonna end. Roll up your sleeves boys, we're gonna bill a fucking million hours.

[image via AP]