In 2010, a teacher's aide carried out a plan to use a special needs student—a 14-year-old girl—as rape "bait" to "catch" a male student who had a history of sexual violence. More details in the case against Sparkman Middle School administrators were revealed today by The Huntsville Times, and they are gruesome.

All the administrators at Sparkman Middle in Huntsville, Alabama who oversaw this plot in 2010 have kept their jobs or been promoted. June Simpson, the aide, resigned. New details from depositions and sworn affidavits from 2010-2012 compiled by the Times reveal that the administrators should lose their jobs. Here's how the plot went down, according to a Justice Department brief:

Simpson and [the girl] ... went to Vice-Principal Dunaway's office, where Simpson told Dunaway about her plan to use [the girl] as bait to catch [the boy]. Dunaway did not respond with any advice or directive.

[The girl] left Dunaway's office, found [the boy] in the hallway, and agreed to meet him for sex. [The boy] told [the girl] to go to the sixth grade boys' bathroom and she complied. No teachers were in the bathroom to intervene, and [the boy] sodomized [the girl].

And here's more context from the Times:

Simpson, physical education aide, affidavit:

After Ms. Dunaway ended her telephone call I discussed the situation with her directly, and told her that I had suggested to (the girl) that she meet (the boy) in the restroom so he could be caught in the act. I told them "I hope this is legal I don't know what I'm doing." Ms. Dunaway appeared disinterested ... Ms. Dunaway showed me some pictures of some tile on the cell phone.

Dunaway claims she had no knowledge of the plan.

Perhaps most upsetting is the victim's sworn affidavit, where she says she "didn't want to" go through with the plan. She said she "was trying to walk slow" so that someone would come help her before the boy hurt her. Then this happened:

The girl's handwritten statement on Jan. 22, 2010:

I told Ms. Simson (sic) today and she said tell him yes and they was going to bust him. I went down there and he said pull your pants down and he turned me around and pulled it out and stuck me about six times and the teacher came in....

After administrators finally found the two in the bathroom, Assistant Principal Teresa Terrell said she told the girl she'd be suspended. "Just off the top of my head, I was—I was aggravated," she said.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is currently determining whether or not the case against the school board and the administrators should continue.

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