Couples, gay and straight, can get married anywhere in the country now—anywhere, that is, except Pike County, Alabama, where one judge was apparently so perturbed by the landmark Supreme Court ruling that he pulled the plug on weddings all together .

Wes Allen, the probate judge in charge of issuing marriage licenses when he’s not quoting scripture on Twitter, did not explain whether he merely wants to prevent gay people from marrying or whether his is a more general issue with love and happiness and cake.

Allen’s Pyrrhic victory, via the New York Times:

The Supreme Court’s decision, Judge Allen said, had not voided a provision of Alabama law that says “marriage licenses may be issued by the judges of probate” in the state.

“The word ‘may’ provides probate judges with the option of whether or not to engage in the practice of issuing marriage licenses,” Judge Allen said, ‘and I have chosen not to perform that function.”

I don’t want to point fingers here, but someone’s definitely not getting any plus ones when all this nonsense is sorted out.

Hope it feels good.

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