An infant was saved from potentially life-threatening injury when a supernaturally alert airport security guard made an incredible last-second dive to save him from a nasty fall.

"I noticed the child was sitting on the table and he looked a bit off balance, and then he began to fall forward," hero Grzegorz Paczek, an employee of Poland's Katowice airport, told local media. "I was standing four to five metres away and I realised I had no chance of stopping him fall so I just threw myself along the ground with my arms outstretched. It was an instinctive reaction."

For his selfless bravery, Paczek was given a salary bonus by airport officials.

But like all true heroes, Paczek himself refuses to consider himself one.

"I don’t feel I’ve done anything heroic," he said. "I’m just glad the child wasn’t hurt. He started to cry when I caught him but his mother soon calmed him down."

Here, from a different angle, is how far Paczek was from the child when he made his daring dive:

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