AirBnb has agreed to compensate the owners of a Calgary home that was thoroughly destroyed in a “drug-induced orgy” while four people were renting it through the online service.

After the group checked out, owners Mark and Star King returned to find their furniture wrecked and their home strewn with trash, empty vodka bottles, and broken glass. The damage was initially estimated at $75,000, but that’s been increased to $150,000 because the mess was so bad that hazmat crews “want to decontaminate everything that was damaged or left behind.”

Probably good to clean up any leftover drugs, and especially any leftover orgy.

“They’re going to have to take everything out of the house, treat it on site to kill the biohazardous substances, before they can put it in the landfill,” Mark King told Global News Canada.

Here’s the shot Global News cut to when they mentioned “biohazards:”

Meanwhile, AirBnb—having learned its PR lessons the hard way in years past—will pay for cleanup and furnish the Kings with food, lodging, and some uncontaminated clothing (at least one mystery bra can be seen on the floor in the news video) while their house is restored to its pre-orgy state.

Earlier this week, Calgary police identified one of the renters and said they planned to make an arrest.

“This isn’t something that should turn people away from the whole idea [of AirBnb],” said King, Canadianly, while standing in his obliterated living room.

[Photos: Global News]