Enraged about a plan that would eliminate thousands of jobs from the company, Air France workers stormed a meeting between executives and union representatives today, tearing shirts from the backs of two managers, who eventually fled the meeting under a police escort.

Air France executives put forth a plan to cut 2,900 jobs at the meeting after workers refused an earlier, “less radical” proposal, Reuters reports. According to the Wall Street Journal, the airline will offer some sort of compensation to employees who leave voluntarily, but “would fire workers if its enticement plan doesn’t convince enough to leave.”

Air France CEO Frederic Gagey managed to escape the meeting before workers interrupted it carrying banners and flags, but labor relations chief Xavier Broseta and assistant director of long-haul flights Pierre Plissonnier did not.

The Agency France-Presse captured several dramatic photos of their escape.

Truth be told, the David Byrne after a really intense Talking Heads show look is sort of working for Pilssonnier.

It is unclear when talks between the parties will resume.

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