Idler of our generation James Franco is slouching towards television with a show of his very own. No more desperate phone calls to General Hospital's meta-department or begging for a revival of Francos and Geeks. Television network Ovation has signed on Franco.

A network with a reach of 50 million homes in the U.S., Ovation is known for airing reruns of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, as well as NBC's Smash. But now they will be known for signing on Franco for a "anthology docuseries" of his very own, So You Think You Can Franco?

Titled James Franco Presents, the show is a space for him to chat about shit he loves. He will appear in every episode and introduce each segment, but he's not the subject of every hour. It also promises to give creative insights into Franco's process. Did he make As I Lay Dying without ever reading Faulkner? Maybe! It's going to be the stuff of great television. It truly is a golden age.

To make the announcement in his own fashion, Franco photoshopped his head onto Van Gogh's body, retained both his ears, and used child's paint tool to scribble NEW T.V. SHOW: "James Framco Presents" [sic]. This is not a biopic of James Franco as Van Gogh, but definitely don't rule that out.

Ten hourlong episodes, or perhaps ten hour-long episodes, of James Franco Presents will air starting in November.

[Image via Instagram and Getty]