Yoplait has its trademark yogurt cup with its tapered shape and foil lid. Animal advocates want you to know that that same cup has been killing small animals for years — and General Mills refuses to act upon it.

Skunks and squirrels get drawn to the yogurt’s sweet smell, only for their heads to get stuck on the inside rim of Yoplait cups. A skunk specialist with the Humane Society tells The Huffington Post that she gets up to a dozen calls per month about such incidents during the spring and summer. These animals can die from either suffocation or dehydration.

General Mills has known since at least 1998 of the risk Yoplait cups presents, when an animal advocacy group Project Coyote protested the company. An outer rim was added for animals to use as leverage, though recent videos—and there are more than you may think—show that this may not be enough.

[Image via Vimeo/Wildlife Emergency Services]