Blended, the new Adam Sandler comedy chained to Drew Barrymore's ankles, isn't exactly what one would call a critical success (even by Sandler standards). But, as Sandler told Jimmy Kimmel last night, that's not the point. The point is Adam Sandler getting paid to go on vacation.

"When you decide to make a film, do you say 'I wanna make this film somewhere where I can be on vacation?'" Kimmel asked.

"Yes," Sandler admitted.

Blended was shot at the posh Sun City safari resort in South Africa.

Sandler says he discovered the formula after setting 50 First Dates in Hawaii. It seems to be working out for him, because his films keep getting the green light in spite of receiving the critical equivalent of a waterboarding from the likes of the NYT's A.O. Scott.

[H/T AV Club]