After comedian Hannibal Buress brought up at his standup show in Philly last week that 13 women have accused Bill Cosby of rape from the 1970s into the 2000s (accusations that Cosby's PR machine has continually buried), one woman who came forward in 2006 revealed further details of the several times she says Cosby drugged and raped her.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Online, Barbara Bowman said Cosby began manipulating her when she was only seventeen years old, a young model in Denver, Colorado. Bowman said Cosby would fly her to meet him at his stand-up gigs across the country, convincing Bowman to treat him like he was her father, she says.

Via the Daily Mail:

'He wanted me to act completely drunk, wasted, while he stood behind me and stroked my neck and upper chest. He didn't touch me beyond that, on that day, but that's where it certainly started.

'Even though it felt off to do the exercise, I gave it my all. I'd learned from years of acting classes that I had to take direction. After all, I was in the presence of the most powerful man in America at that time. Dr Huxtable chose me!'

Cosby even flew out her mother to shows on Broadway, Bowman says, in order to convince her that she was in good hands. In 1986, Cosby allegedly brought Bowman to his hotel room in Reno, Nevada:

'He turned out all the lights. It was completely pitch black. He laid me down on the couch and started caressing and touching me all over. Then he put my hand on his penis, covering it with his hand. He had me masturbate him. I couldn't see what was going on. When it was over, I ran out of the room and threw up.

'It was so invasive and frightening and humiliating. There was no way I could tell my mother. I couldn't even admit it to myself. I tried to convince myself that I'd imagined it. That it was a one-time thing, that it wouldn't happen again. And I was paralyzed with fear.

Another time, Bowman said Cosby invited her to his apartment in New York for dinner, and though she only drank one glass of wine, she said she woke up later throwing up over a toilet bowl in a man's shirt and her underwear with Cosby holding her hair back.

In 2006, after another woman said she was raped by Cosby, Bowman made plans to testify against the comedian, but by the time she was on a plane to Philadelphia, Cosby's lawyers had settled the other woman's case out of court.

Bowman's full story can be read here.

[Image via AP]