A video showing sketchy men trying to take advantage of a woman who was acting drunk in public made the rounds last week, but the directors of the "prank" video neglected to mention that the "creepy" men were paid actors. Two of the men told Inside Edition they're upset at being made to look like predators.

Like the first actor to expose the video as fake, these guys say they were asked to act in a college comedy skit, and weren't told it would be presented as real. They both consented to let the filmmakers use the footage of the "skit," but would have turned it down if they'd known it was going to turn into a "hidden camera" prank.

Inside Edition didn't talk to Stephen Zhang and Seth Leach, the viral marketers behind the video, but The Smoking Gun obtained some Facebook messages they sent to one of the actors who complained.

"The important thing to consider is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company," Leach allegedly wrote.

That might be true, but this isn't exactly what they thought they'd be well-known for. One of the men told Inside Edition he walks down Hollywood Boulevard every day, and he's been getting dirty looks since the video came out.

[h/t Reddit]