A massive infographic formulated from an array of handwriting studies claims to show that over 5,000 personality traits are reflected by the words we write onto paper. Too bad we don't do that anymore, too bad the study of handwriting (graphology) is disregarded in most circles as probably bullshit, and too bad that this study still analyzes cursive.

Regardless of popular habits, the National Pen Company outlined various penmanship qualities and the personalities represented therein. Large, loopy letters with whimsically placed dots above the i? Why, this scribbler is childlike, open-minded, and sociable! Heavily imprinted words with rigid straight up and down letters? This wordsmith is serious, intense and meticulous.

So in case handwriting is all you have to judge someone's character or if you want to analyze people who communicate in the ways of Olden Times, here are some highlights from this "penmanship as personality" compilation:

  • Spacing: People that write in a cramped fashion, leaving no room for those little letters to breathe, are intrusive and crowd the people in their lives. People who employ wide spacing L O V E their freedom.
  • Do you write in teeny-tiny letters? This means you're shy, withdrawn, studious, and meticulous. LARGE LETTERS? You love life and attention as much as you love those big letters! You, large-letter writer, are outgoing and outspoken. Average size? Well wouldn't you know, you're well-adjusted.
  • People with iLlEGiBLe signatures are private, reticent, and difficult to understand. People with L-E-G-I-B-L-E signatures are confident and comfortable with who they are—but maybe boring? (I added that last thought because I think that's true.)
  • Dots on the i: If it's way high up, you have a vivid imagine. If you've just put a little slash up there, you're self critical. If it's on the right, you are a visionary, child-like creator. To the left, you procrastinate all day. If it's right above, you are detail-oriented, organized, and emphatic. Did you measure it with a ruler, perfectionist?
  • Crossing those Ts! Long crosses denotes that you are determined and enthusiastic but also stubborn. Short crosses, means you're lazy and don't have an ounce of determination. If it's the middle, you're confident. If it's way at the top you're ambitious, optimistic, and also incorrect if you were trying to make a lower case "t".
  • Any phrases or words that stand out from the rest indicate lies!
  • Slants. If your words go straight up and down, you're logical and practical. Slanting to the right, indicates that you are open to new experiences. Slanting to the left, means that you probably keep to your self, you leftward leaning lone wolf.

Have you written words on paper today?

[image via LiliGraphie, Shutterstock]