Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is pissed that Toys R Us has stopped selling action figures from the show at the behest of a concerned Florida mom. Like costar Bryan Cranston, Paul took to Twitter to defend the toys, pointing out that the toy chain sells plenty of things more harmful to kids than a Jesse Pinkman doll. And furthermore, "yeah, bitch."

The actor also linked to a petition to save the Walt and Jesse figures, started earlier this week. When Toys R Us announced it would remove the toys from stores Tuesday, the pro-Breaking-Bad petition had 3,000 signatures to "Florida mom" Susan Schrijver's 8,000.

Since Paul's endorsement, the petition to keep "adult collector figures" in stores has shot up to 25,000 signatures, while the petition to remove them has just over 9,000.

So far, Toys R Us hasn't reversed its decision.

[Photo: NBC News]