Due to our history as a platform for true Wal-Mart stories, we sometimes receive emails from beleaguered Wal-Mart employees, venting their frustrations. Today, we have our holiest Wal-Mart conundrum yet. Can you help?

We received this email today from a Wal-Mart employee. We must admit that it is a bit outside of our heathen expertise. Can any of you give our friend the most valuable gift of all—advice?

In addition to being a legally ordained and licensed independent Christian minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a Chaplain in the Christian Chaplains Corps Of America (CCCA), I am also a Wal~Mart Maintenance Associate. I do pray for people at work only with their permission. I do NOT force my religious beliefs upon anyone. I am NOT politically correct. I AM Biblically correct. I do pray for both, customers AND associates alike.

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, a customer that I personally know, who is also a brother in the Lord as well as a very good friend of mine was walking toward me right after he checked out. Every time we see each other, at Wal~Mart, while I am working, he always stops to talk. He always has an encouraging word for me and, likewise, I for him. After we have finished speaking, I offered up prayer for him. I know for a fact that I did not even need to ask him and he also knows for a fact that he does not even have to ask me. I did pray for him. I anointed him with oil and we prayed. we did NOT cause, nor did we, a seen or a disturbance. In no way could anyone hear us. "IF", by chance anyone did look our way, it still would be quite obvious that we were definitely praying very quietly so that we were the only ones who could hear and understand each other. Since he was a customer, I WAS performing a customer service! He wanted AND needed prayer that only I can offer!

Now during this time, apparently someone., an associate seen us, was caused very severe psychological trauma and now must see a psychiatrist on a regular basis because two Christians were praying right there in the store for all to see! They became very distraught and very offended! They are probably still waking up in a cold sweat from night terrors due to this heinous act. because, not soon after all was said and done, my brother, my friend, went his separate way and I went back to work. The whole prayer was only a matter of minutes. This Associate never sees customers taking unpaid for merchandise in the restrooms, but will notice two people praying in front of them instead of focusing on and performing their job.

My assistant manager came to me and pulled me into the office along with another assistant manager to be ganged up on, two against one. She asked me if I used Holy Water and prayed for someone. I could not deny it and I would not deny it. Unlike most Christians, I actually live out my faith. I was actually told that someone was offended! Yes, Wal~Mart IS full of offended victims! I was also told that due to ALL of the different religious beliefs, I can NOT pray for anyone on the clock because someone WILL be offended! I did, in turn, inform them that Christians DO have rights IN the workplace! They did agree with me on that one statement. However, I still can NOT pray for anyone on the clock because someone WILL be offended! I AM surrounded by offended victims AND Christians filled with AND empowered by the Spirit of Fear! I then, in turn, asked them "What "IF" someone came in AND prayed for me!?" This HAS actually happened to me numerous times on several different occasions! They did NOT know what to think or say! They informed me that they will get back to me on that one! I'm STILL waiting! This, technically, was, AND IS, a verbal warning! I received as verbal warning for performing a customer service! In retail, the customer IS always right and IS the boss!

I DID contact the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). They informed me that there was nothing that they could do in this situation.

The thing of it all is ALL members of management ARE required to attend diversity training! This IS a MUST!

Here is what I now need to do in order to pray for anyone at work:

1. Always pray silently. No one will know that you are praying

2. Carry a small notebook around with you and when you encounter someone with a prayer request, write down the info. and pray for them silently or later in your prayer time.

3. If it is an employee, see if they can meet you outside after work or if you can call them later.


His email concluded with quite a few Bible quotations, which we have cut in the interest of space.

It's, uh, quite a pickle. Thoughts, Wal-Mart shoppers?

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