Email may be impersonal, email may be unromantic, but at least email isn't flammable. Unfortunately for hundreds of thousands of Orange County letter-writers, paper is.

A fiery freeway crash this morning incinerated approximately 120,000 pieces of mail, shutting down northbound lanes on the 57 for hours. The only injuries appear to be to the 49-cent-minimum missives: the USPS said all the mail on the Ontario-bound truck was destroyed.

According to the OC Register, the Postal truck driver, a private contractor, rear-ended another semi truck on the highway around 1:30 this morning, sparking the fire. Witnesses told CBS the truck seemed to explode. Highway patrol say they're still investigating the cause of the accident.

A Postal Service spokesman said non-local letters mailed from Orange Country zip codes that start with 926, 927, 928, 906, 917 and 918 could be affected.

[Screengrab via CBS LA]