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On CNN this morning, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter and pro-Trump newspaper columnist Adriana Cohen were asked to discuss the two candidates’ ridiculous feud over their wives. As soon as Cohen began speaking, talk turned to...something else.

“I think we should move on,” Cohen said when anchor Kate Bolduan asked her about the spousal sniping. “Where we should move to is the National Enquirer story that has reported that Ted Cruz has allegedly had affairs with at least five mistresses, including—you’ve been named, Amanda.”

The allegation that Carpenter was named in a recent Enquirer story about a supposed Cruz sex scandal isn’t strictly true, but the tabloid did heavily imply that the former staffer is one of Cruz’s mistresses.

According to the Enquirer, political operatives are digging into rumors that Ted Cruz had extramarital affairs with five different women. The story does not name specific women, but gives a vague description of each. Among these mistresses, the Enquirer’s anonymous source says, is a “hot babe who once worked” on a Cruz campaign.

The Enquirer also published five photos of women with their faces pixelated. The woman on the far right of the lineup appears to be Carpenter.

Cohen said that Cruz should issue a statement about whether or not the Enquirer is true, and asked Carpenter to denounce or confirm the story as well.

Carpenter forcefully denied the claim, with understandable dismay at being accused of an affair on live national television. “What’s out there is tabloid trash. If someone wants to comment on it, they can talk to my lawyer. It is categorically false. You should be ashamed for spreading this kind of smut. Donald Trump supporters should be held to account for it,” she said.

Bolduan was eager to change the subject, which is equally interesting. You’d think CNN would have seen the dustup coming after inviting Carpenter on to talk to a vocal supporter of Cruz’s opponent. “I’m going to be much more comfortable talking about a National Enquirer report when CNN has done some reporting on that topic,” the anchor said at the end of the brief back-and forth. “Let’s do this. Let’s move on, because I don’t want to talk about the message, the messenger, the intent of the message—at least for today. At least for today, ladies, I don’t want to talk about a National Enquirer report.”