After walking to work during flooding, a U.K. Subway employee dried her soaked socks and gloves in the store's oven, normally reserved for heating weird-smelling bread.

The sock-baking incident came to light after Worcester-based sandwich artist Alice Sykes posted photos on Twitter and Instagram, where a regular customer saw them and complained, the Daily Mail reported.

The customer, Jessica Hinton, said the store manager apologized and offered her some sandwich vouchers, but she wasn't satisfied. She went to the store and demanded an apology from the employee in person.

She got an apology and an offer of two free sandwiches and a Sunday job(?!) according to the Daily Mail, but she will neither work for Subway nor eat at that location ever again.

Meanwhile, Sykes started sending Hinton private messages on Facebook, writing, "Had to apologize for being a prized cunt."

I had a nine hour shift ahead of me and my boss didn't think it was fair I was soaking wet the entire shift. The entire oven was cleaned afterwards as well. I apologize for any offense this has caused you. It was a one off thing that thought wasn't put into. But we strive to have a clean store every single day. We have monthly inspections to prove that me and my boss are very sorry about the whole thing and we hope you accept the vouchers.

The message was "borderline harassment," Hinton said.

Sykes is still employed at the Worcester Subway for now, but Subway corporate is "investigating the facts at this particular franchise."

Really, though, this is hardly the most unhygienic thing to happen at a Subway.

[Photo Credit: Alice Sykes/Instagram]