Remember Elián González? The six-year-old boy who was apprehended from a relative’s home in Miami in 2000 and sent back to Cuba by American federal agents? Do you recall what he looks like? Well it doesn’t matter, because he’s hot now.

It’s been fifteen years since González went back to Cuba; he is now 21 years of age. What’s he been up to? According to ABC News, González is studying “Industrial Engineering at the University of Matanzas near his home in Cardenas.” He’s just a regular old university student who is also an “avid Fidel Castro supporter.” Great.

But here’s something in addition to his studies and interests: he’s also hot now. Here is a typical conversation you might have about Elian González in 2015:

Jordan: Did you see Elián González is hot now?
Dayna: I did.

Can we hear some applause for the newly hot Elián González?

Here I come, it is I, Elián González, hot adult man.

Welcome, baby.

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