Pardon me—a YouTube reality show about white girls in Williamsburg. There are currently three episodes available online, which show recent graduates and Brooklyn transplants Alex, Sarah, Mel, and Olena “living the dream” in luxury condos off the Bedford stop.

The show is called The Bedford Stop.

I like this one, which features extensive establishing shots of Freehold and ends with a close-up of Olena’s recent Instagram (109 likes).

“There’s this one app called Coffee Meets Bagel, or donut. But I don’t like donuts or coffee so I don’t think I can go on that,” says Olena. “DJing is really lucrative,” says Mel.

It’s not clear who is funding or filming this venture, which would be spot-on if it were a parody. The “pilot” below features a long brunch conversation about Tinder and a night out at Brooklyn Bowl.

“You know what’s funny though, everybody looks better in fall clothes, have you noticed that?” asks Sarah. “What,” says Alex.

I think everyone will agree with me when I say: Bring back Gallery Girls.

[H/t Free Williamsburg]

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