What’s a thirsty millionaire to do when he’s fiending for a Campari and there’s nary a bar in sight? Ignoring the fact that this happened in Georgetown, a college town literally lined with bars, the answer for one PR exec was apparently clear: break into a fancy restaurant and steal $100 worth of shitty booze.

Cops say David Bass, a “prominent” public relations guy, and a second, sweaty friend broke into Washington’s nightly nexus of power—a restaurant known as Café Milano—and raided the bar, taking with them a bottle of Campari and a bottle of Grey Goose.

(The restaurant, perhaps in spite of its menu, is a haven for the rich and powerful—even the Obama’s like it, or at least pretend to: Michelle Obama celebrated her 49th there.)

At least “a dozen” of Bass’s so-called say that’s definitely him on the tape, the Washington Post reports.

It’s not clear how he and his buddy got in or why they didn’t just walk three blocks over to the Ritz for a drink at the bar like a normal person, but for two residents of a town full of thieves, they weren’t particularly subtle. The Post reports an overnight cleaning person immediately alerted management, who called the police.

According to the Post, there’s a warrant out for at least one of the men’s arrest—if I had to guess, I’d say ol’ sweaty fingers—but Bass’s record isn’t exactly clean either. He was apparently indicted for “belligerent behavior” on a 2009 domestic flight, but got the charges dismissed claiming he had an allergic reaction.

They say a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client—I’m not so sure it’s that different in PR.

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