A 34-year-old man who killed his stepfather giving him a so-called “atomic wedgie” last year is going to jail for involuntary manslaughter—and that’s the silver lining.

Brad Lee Davis killed his stepfather last January when he managed to suffocate him inside his own underwear while performing the wedgie. Davis just pleaded guilty to the charges, but it reportedly could have been much worse for him—prosecutors originally tried to pursue first-degree murder charges.

Although there was some (scant) evidence to support the necessary intent—Davis and his stepfather reportedly had a contentious relationship and he “texted a friend that night he was fixing to mess Denver up and later texted he had nothing to lose”—he eventually pleaded out before trial.

But even with the deal, Davis will likely to spend some real time in prison: prosecutors tell News OK they’re asking for a 35-year sentence—well over the four-year minimum for involuntary manslaughter convictions in Oklahoma.

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