[There was a video here]

This morning in Rio, Spanish dressage rider Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez and his horse Lorenzo (please roll the “r”), trotted onto the Olympic course and began a dance routine to the legendary “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas—perhaps the most indelible song about giving your heart, making it real, or else forgetting about it in the history of recorded music.

We would love to show you video of one of the moments from the Rio Olympics that you will be “telling your grandchildren about.” Alas, NBC’s deeply restrictive policies regarding the reuse of Olympics highlights prevents us from that.

Instead, enjoy the video in the manner that dressage is meant to be viewed: as stock footage that plays behind the lyrics during karaoke.

And then imagine Lorenzo seducing a mare under the glint of moonlight to the sweet melody of “Smooth.”

Video and recording of “Smooth” by Tim Burke