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Director Michael Bay is known for adding a certain bigoted flair to his big-budget box-office blockbusters. He's been called out repeatedly for what people perceive as misogyny and racism (mostly in his stereotypical portrayals of women and minorities), and especially homophobia. The video above focuses on that last point via a montage of the several different ways that Bay has...fun with gay sexuality (gay dogs in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), mistaken gay sexuality, effete gay stereotypes, perceived gay weakness, and everyone's favorite excuse to act like a raging, violent monster, gay panic. All are included above, which uses clips from seven movies Bay has directed and spans 1995's Bad Boys to 2013's Pain & Gain, in which Mark Wahlberg charmingly asks a group of children, "We got no homos in this gang, right?"

The fourth Transformers movie opens today, and it too contains a "a fey-voiced, mincing guy whom Wahlberg scares with his tough-talk," according to Gawker alum Richard Lawson in his Age of Extinction review for Vanity Fair. Because his latest movie about giant alien robots crashing together for almost three hours obviously wouldn't be complete without Bay's signature touch.