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Glenn Beck lost his voice on Monday. Which is to say, Glenn Beck (as we are led to believe) could not make any physical words come out of his mouth on Monday. But an anger-clown without a voice is still an anger-clown, albeit a sad anger-clown. And this particular sad anger-clown would like you to please feel sorry for him in his state of silence. In fact, Glenn Beck would like you to know that life has always been pretty hard for Glenn Beck, and for the love of God could you please just feel sorry for Glenn Beck? Here is what a mute Glenn Beck told the public (if the public was even watching) on his show this past Monday while aggressively frowning over a reeeeeeeally big stack of hand-written flashcards:

There is nothing left for him to say. (Which is why he is still yelling conspiracy theories at anyone who will listen.)

He's changed a lot since the 90's. (Which is why he is still doing stuff like dunking Obama dolls into jars of fake piss.)

He wants you to remember that "not to speak is to speak." Because who needs speaking when you can pout on a YouTube video for ten minutes?

And that lol nothing matters anyway!

Life is just funny sometimes.

Especially when you are Glenn Beck and you were just trying to save our country or whatever.

Which we now know for sure was just a way to make Glenn Beck feel better about Glenn Beck.

So bravo, Glenn Beck, for making some suckers care, but we see you there and you're still you.

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