So you’re having an office party. Good luck with the next morning. Because wherever you wake up—be it in bed, draped over your toilet, or even, like one Gawker writer who will remain unnamed, still riding the subway—here’s the hard truth: It’s going to be a struggle.

So be a hero—here’s how to help your favorite co-worker get through the day:

1. Tomato Juice

Drink it straight, drink it with vodka. Either way, it’s going to help your poor, rocks-filled head.

2. Kure hangover pills

Take ‘em with the tomato juice—or take ‘em with the vodka. It’s your life.

3. BC Powder

Your head’s hurting. This will help.

4. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is marketed for children but truly it’s a hangover gift from the gods.

5. Midol

Not just for the ladies—turns out it’s just ibuprofen :)

Now lie to them and swear up and down they didn’t say anything rude to your boss! They’ll figure it out themselves come Monday.

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