Cersei Lannister's most important (non-incestuous) nude scene from Game of Thrones is proving difficult to film, due to a dispute with the Croatian church that was supposed to provide the backdrop.

The iconic scene from A Dance With Dragons calls for Cersei (played by Lena Headey) to emerge completely naked from the Great Sept of Baelor (played by Dubrovnik's Church of St. Nicholas). But TMZ reports the local film commission has denied the Game of Thrones producers' request to shoot there because of church policies against public nudity.

Game of Thrones obviously can't sacrifice one of the pivotal scenes in Cersei's story arc, or the opportunity to show the audience more bare breasts (they're the show's bread and butter, really).

It looks like they'll have to find another church—they've recast actors, so why not buildings?—or hope that God can forgive some more gorgeous, very expensive CGI.

[H/T TMZ, Photo: HBO]