Happy Halloween! If you're going out in the world tonight, there's a good chance you'll see racist idiots dressed up like racist idiots, because Halloween is racist idiot Christmas: Whether you're at a frat party, a parade, or even a family event, there's bound to be one sad soul in blackface, yellowface, Arabface, brownface, redface... [trails off staring into middle distance]

But like all things, offensive Halloween costumes change with the times. Here are all the hip racist outfits you should prepare yourself to see this year:

Sexy ISIS Militants

Bonus if they're carrying real weapons.

There's also the straightforward, unsexy version:

Ray Rice

This one's popular with people who want to wear blackface and make domestic violence jokes.

It's fun to get the kids involved, too.

Adrian Peterson

A jersey, a switch, and a baby doll:

Ebola Hazmat Suit

Because sexy costumes don't have to make sense :)

Gang Bangers

This one's an enduring classic. A tipster says the women work at the Chevron Richmond Refinery across the bay from San Francisco. Fun idea for an office party.

Generic Blackface

A tipster says this guy is a Penn State University student dressed as "Baby Jay Z":

And here's Trayvon Martin (note the Skittles). Fun fact: a tipster identifies this woman as Kat from NYC Prep. She goes to Colby College now. (We have no idea if it's actually Kat.)

Sandy Hook Victims

This photo comes from a tipster who says the girls pictured were at an "offensive costume party" last weekend.

Border Patrol

This is the hot college costume this year. Here are sorority girls at Texas Tech University:

And here's a Kappa Kappa Gamma/Phi Delta Theta "fiesta" at Rollins College, via a tipster:

Sheesh. If you still decide to leave the house later, let us know if you see any of these or other offensive costumes in the wild. Email allie@gawker.com or our tips line, tips@gawker.com.

Trick or treat!

[Photos via Instagram, Twitter, TMZ, tips]