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Tonight in Cincinnati, Donald Trump delivered a speech during a rally in Ohio that was unhinged even by his own standards. One topic of particular fixation was the controversy over the anti-Semitic-y tweet sent out by his campaign this past weekend.

As a manner of combating claims that he was stoking latent hatred of Jews by implying that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is being funded by hook-nosed money-grubbers, Trump began to list off the Jewish people he is close with. The list includes:

  • Son-in-law Jared Kushner: “A Jewish guy who’s brilliant, wonderful, got a great heart.”
  • Daughter Ivanka Trump
  • Grandchildren Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore: “I love them. I love them.” “Beautiful kids. Beautiful kids.”

Trump reiterated that his daughter’s Jewish family are “great people.”

This list will be updated as Donald Trump reveals more Jewish people that he loves.