A video of Rihanna giving a lap dance to a bespectacled, "nerdy" audience member made the rounds yesterday, as the guy was declared both the luckiest and the most awkward Rihanna fan of all time. Awkward, maybe, but this ain't exactly Rihanna's first lap dance rodeo—at least a half-dozen other fans have gotten just as lucky.

Rihanna's Loud tour of 2011 featured an interlude during "Skin" where she'd pull a very lucky concertgoer onstage for a lap dance. Every once in a while, a video from those shows pops up as something brand new.

Her performance in Amsterdam, where she did a little bump and grind for a handsome guy who turned out to be Mr. Gay Netherlands 2010 contender GJ Kooijman, was big news in 2013.

"Seriously, how is my lapdance from @rihanna going viral 18 months later? It's 2 albums and a tour later, ffs," he tweeted at the time.

Rihanna's generosity doesn't just extend to uncomfortable-looking boys and hot gay models, though. Men, women, black, white, nerds, players—she's danced for all of them. But this latest performance to surface stood out as "the most awkward onstage moment ever."

That raises an important question: What is the proper way to get a lap dance from Rihanna? In the parlance of reddit, do you "touch the merchandise" or just "do hover hands?" Some feel it's a catch-22.

"Awkward Rihanna lap dance guy is doing his best, okay? What was he supposed to do anyway?" asked Esquire, in defense of the nerd.

Here are several possible answers, presented in the form of a video. Rihanna appears to be totally fine with any of them: