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This morning, Donald Trump called in to CNN for an interview, where he proceeded to blithely bend New Day anchor Chris Cuomo to his will for almost 19 minutes.

Cuomo, bless his heart, tried to confront Trump right off the bat about calling Hillary Clinton an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” of adultery at a rally Friday.

“You are attacking Hillary Clinton for the sexual indiscretions of her husband, calling her an enabler,” Cuomo said, by way of introduction. “We have a panel of independent voters. They are smart as heck and most of them don’t like it. They see it as a distraction, as hypocritical coming from you and mostly they see it as potential proof you may have no real ideas to offer as president. What is your thinking on this line of attack?”

And Cuomo has a point about it being hypocritical. Trump knows first-hand the ill effects of adultery: His first and second wives once got into a public brawl over him when he took them both on vacation in Aspen.

But Trump chose not to address the question, instead demanding Cuomo congratulate him on becoming the presumptive Republican nominee as a prerequisite to the interview. Cuomo, incredibly, acquiesced.

Trump: This is a nice way to start off the interview. First of all, you should congratulate me for having won the race. I thought you know, at least there would be a small congratulations, but I’m not surprised with CNN, because that’s the way they treat Trump. It’s the, you know, they call it the Clinton network and I believe that. So, you know

Cuomo: Wait. Hold on. Mr. Trump, I did congratulate you the last time we spoke. I said, “Congratulations on winning the big race.”

Trump: Thank you very much. So warm and so well-felt.

Cuomo: Hold on. Get this off on the right foot. I’m trying

Trump: Starting off with a question, we haven’t spoken, last week, towards the end, I was the, essentially the nominee of the party, and you start off with this question which is not surprising, because I understand CNN perhaps a lot better than you do.

Cuomo: Okay, okay. Let’s—you know what? Sometimes it’s good to restart. Here’s the restart. You are going be your party’s nominee because all accounts. You are going to carry the standard for this party. You have said once you get into the general, people will see what you have to offer. The first thing you’ve come out with hot and heavy out of the box are attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Trump: That wasn’t the first thing. The first thing I came out if you watched, trade. We’re making horrible trade deals, losing your jobs, losing manufacturing. the next thing I came out with it’s trade. is rebuilding our military, because our military is absolutely being decimated. We’re not spending the proper money. We’re not buying the proper equipment. We’re not taking care of our soldiers. We’re not taking care of our vets, by the way. We’re not taking care of our military at a time when we just about in the history of our country need it the most. So I talk about that. I talk about the border. I talk about the fact that we have to stop the drugs from pouring into our country. Those are the things i talk about in a very long speech, in Washington, actually Nebraska, which was unbelievable. Every one of them had tens of thousands of people.I mean, there were massively, they were massively attended, of course you don’t mention, nor does CNN ever show the crowds. very interesting. I could be making a speech for an hour and they never show the extent of the crowd.

And that was it for that question, and every other question after that. Here’s the full interview: