Swamp Thing Is Great Climate Fiction

DC Comic's walking pile of mold has a lot to say about our current predicament

Avatar of the Green
Nicholas Russell

My Building, I Shit You Not, Is Still Doing the 7 p.m. Cheer for Essential Workers

Yes, every night

Great Jones
Darcie Wilder

Consumerism Report: The $499 Sweat Bag for Virtuous Women

I’m a little burrito

Claire Carusillo

Goodbye Flop Summer

I think I've seen enough.

broken promises
George Civeris

My Dream Relationship Involves Separate Bedrooms

Sharing a bed is a downgrade

Tammie Teclemariam

What Is Going on With the Missing #VanLife Woman?

The one in all the articles and TikToks

Tarpley Hitt

NYC's Newest Glass Box Will Look Great On Instagram — Except for All the Dead Birds

As always, NYC architecture seems designed for avian massacre

Bird Brain
Jenny G. Zhang

Kevin Spacey Got a New Job With the Weed Police

A second chance for the sex pest?

You're Under Arrest
Olivia Craighead

Laziness Is Fine


James Greig

Do You Have Any Idea How Large Stoplights Are?

I really don’t think you do.

Jack Facts
Kelly Conaboy

Which Normal Guy Celeb Will Get “Pratted” Next?

John Krasinski and Kumail Nanjiani are getting lonely at the top. They need a new schlub to join them

CIA wya?
Sarah Hagi

Jeopardy! Has Gained Sentience

And people are hosting it

Hello World
Jenny G. Zhang